Using a Plastic Holga Lens with a Canon DSLR

This is a shot I took the first time I used a Holga lens with my Canon 5 D Mark II. Some people like using a Holga for the vintage photo look it gives to images; I like it because of it’s quirkiness – the way it give’s a new take on familiar things.


Canon 5D Mark II 1/80 sec, ISO 400, 50 mm

It’s made of plastic, has a fixed aperture of f8, focal length of 50 mm (60 mm on APS-C sensor cameras), and limited focusing.

It gives a lo-fi, retro look, with strong vignetting (especially with a full-frame camera) and softer focus towards the edges. With this lens, you can use a DSLR rather than film in a Holga camera – with all the advantages of digital but you’ll need to use manual settings.

Good news…it’s very light and it’s cheap! At least, relatively compared to most camera equipment – I’ve just paid £20.90 for one on Ebay.


Canon 5D Mark II 1/320 sec, ISO 400, 50 mm

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