Intentional Camera Movement – Photographic Impressionism

Digital image capture has extended the scope of image making by enabling the photographer, unhampered by the prohibitive cost of film, to adopt a much more experimental way of working. A new world of possibilities has opened up by using … Continue reading

Heart: An Angina Monologue Performed and Written by Doug Devaney

Doug Devaney is a writer and performer based in Brighton. His latest show was written following a heart attack he experienced a couple of years ago and will raise funds for the British Heart Foundation. He took his one-man show … Continue reading

Publicity Shots for Brighton band ‘This Modern Life.’

The gloomy light and overcast sky of a December day provided excellent, soft lighting conditions for a photoshoot of this Brighton band. They wanted to be shown in a contemporary urban setting, reflecting the way we live now, so I … Continue reading

Brighton Science Festival

The Science Festival, which took place over three weeks in February, has become an annual event with a growing reputation. This is science presented in an entertaining, exciting and interesting way, which, for anyone who thinks the subject dull, difficult … Continue reading

Snowy Brighton

Here are some of the images I took of Brighton at play in the snow yesterday. Many people had the day off from work as the transport networks failed. In the true spirit of Brighton, the city became a gigantic … Continue reading