Brighton Science Festival

The Science Festival, which took place over three weeks in February, has become an annual event with a growing reputation. This is science presented in an entertaining, exciting and interesting way, which, for anyone who thinks the subject dull, difficult or just plain boring, may be surprised by how enjoyable the presentations are. I wish Richard Robinson, the festival’s director, had been my science teacher at school…then maybe, I’d have got somewhere with the subject.

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Fresh from their ‘Bigger Bang! Show’, Dr Hal Sosaboski and co presented ‘The Darker Reaches of the Periodic Table’ at the Sallis Benney Theatre (University of Brighton). This was a fun-packed and exhilarating look at noisy science. Dr Hal, who is one of the foremost Exhibition Chemists in the UK, provided an explosive and instructive show.

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There were talks by, among others, Ben Miller, Polly Toynbee and Michael Mosley and a demonstration of the ‘Haptic Cow”, a model of a cow’s rear end which allows trainee vets to experience what the insides of a cow feels like without having to upset a real one.

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