Brighton Photo Fringe 2016 – ‘Tides’ Exhibition

Brighton Photo Fringe 2016

Over the past year, I have collaborated with five photographers, each with a distinct style and approach, in a project to photograph the area between the piers on Brighton seafront. The resulting work will be shown as part of the Photo Fringe in the ‘TIDES’ exhibition in October. It will be taking place on the beach itself, near the Cafe De La Mer from Saturday 1 October for the whole month.

The area of Brighton seafront between the piers, where urban, city life contrasts with the natural world, has an overriding sense of impermanence. Holidaymakers, day-trippers and other visitors come and go; the tides ebb and flow, the weather changes through the days and the seasons; posters and flyers are repeatedly put up then torn down and the West Pier continues to crumble into the sea, disappearing bit by bit. I used a macro lens to look at the small details that often go unnoticed.



Evidence of ‘having a good time’ can be found on the beach the day after the night before, when everyone’s gone home; bottle tops, cans, travel tickets, jewellery, cigarette butts, party poppers…



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