Using Colorburst RIP Software and BasICColor Display



Have you wasted more time than you care to think about trying to get the colours of your prints to match the image as it appears on your computer screen, throwing numerous disappointing prints in the bin wasting expensive inks and papers as I have? I’ve spent frustrating hours tweaking levels in Photoshop trying to get the optimum settings for each and every print, cranking up my stress levels. There is a lot of info out there about colour management and profiling but a lot of it is generic and can be confusing and misleading.

By a great stoke of luck, I came across Neil Barstow when searching for Innova photo paper on the Net and after talking to him for a few minutes it became evident that I had more than a few problems that needed sorting out. One of those was that my screen was too bright even though it was on the dimmest setting possible.As he lives close by, Neil came round to my studio and to my relief, started to explain very technical things in a language that was at my level of understanding. It was immediately clear that this guy really knows his stuff – I was about to be rescued!

I was so impressed by the difference in the appearance of my screen after Neil calibrated it, that I came to the conclusion that spending money on the Colorburst RIP and the BasICColor Display calibration software would be well worth it. Neil patiently took me ( and my iMac ) through the various settings I would need to use which saved me a great deal of time reading through instruction manuals.

I can now spend more time being creative rather than on producing countless test prints as I know that the image I see on the screen will match what comes out of my Epson 3800 printer. I no longer have to pay to have custom ICC profiles ( sometimes not good enough ) made for each new paper I use. I can be confident that my prints will be the best they could be and I need to be sure of producing consistently professional quality prints for my customers.

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