Talk by Natalie Dybisz aka Miss Aniela


Last Tuesday, I went to a talk by Miss Aniela at the Brighton and Hove camera club. I had recently discovered her Flickr site and was impressed and intrigued by her work. She states on her blog that she wanted to keep things ‘snappy’ and avoid people falling asleep during a long presentation. Well, I don’t think there was ever any danger of that!

She is as impressive a speaker as she is photographer, articulate, fascinating and sparky. Her talk was divided into two main parts, the first showing her work from the beginning – not that long ago, she is only 23! – to the present: in the second half she revealed the techniques she used to achieve surreal images such as the ones below.


I’m always impressed when someone is willing and generous enough to share technical knowledge and explain in detail how certain effects are achieved. It’s one thing to see inspiring images but it’s much more interesting to know how you could go about making a similar image or be able to apply that knowledge to some project of your own.


The consensus was that she was the best speaker the club had had for a long time.

You can visit her Flickr site by clicking here:



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